Sustainable weight loss, strong body with probiotics!

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Sustainable Weight Loss with Probiotics

Sustainable Weight Loss with Probiotics. A World Health Organization survey found that obesity is one of the diseases that increase the number of cases each year. And also causes other diseases that follow, including diabetes High blood pressure Or even cancer. But if we can control the weight It will help reduce the risk of developing other diseases as well ยูฟ่าเบท

By the factors that cause obesity, there are many reasons as well. Both about genetics Eating behavior Including the microorganisms in the body. And in order to lose weight to produce the most beneficial results for your body. It is necessary to create a balance by using energy in accordance with the metabolic and excretory systems. By using key drivers such as those of the good microorganisms in the gut. That is like a general who helps to control the weight loss to be effective and can see the results as clearly as possible.

Choosing to eat probiotics, which is a good type of microorganism that your body needs, is a suitable choice. Which, if given in the right amount, will benefit the body a lot. Because these microorganisms will help strengthen the body to function at full capacity. Because usually in the human body there are a lot of microbes. Especially in the gut that is concentrated.

There is a large number of studies confirming the benefits of the microflora in our gut. That affect the function of various systems in the body, including the immune system, circulatory system, waste excretion. Digestive system Brain metabolism system to weight control system. And although there are many microbes in the body But only good microbes will help take care of our health even more.

Obesity and intestinal microflora

The results of the study also found that the gut microorganisms play a large role in the body’s metabolic system. Because it helps in digestion and absorption of nutrients Including vitamins and minerals It also helps in the synthesis of vitamins that are beneficial to the body. Importantly, microorganisms such as probiotics Affect appetite In particular, the probiotic Lactobacillus family has an effect on nutrient absorption. And expelling waste from the body Moreover, the probiotic mechanism also affects the hormones that control appetite. It will reduce the secretion of the hormone GLP 1 (GLP-1), a group of hormones in the digestive tract that have hypoglycemia And increase the level of hormones that affect fat burning By adding protein groups that will help in reducing fat storage (ANGPTL1) as well.

The intestinal microflora affects weight control

One of the factors that make each person’s body weight differ, is each person’s microbiome. Because even though we do the same activities Whether it’s exercising like running or playing different sports. But not each person’s body weight will reduce or increase the same. Because the matter of body weight, there are various factors Get involved Like a matter of genetic traits Eating behavior To the microorganisms in each person’s body as well This can be seen that the method that we can do is the easiest and most sustainable way to control body weight. Is to balance the microflora in the gut itself.

Enriching Your Gut Probiotics With Probiotic Supplements

The body can only ingest good microbes with a good starting point. Choosing a good probiotic supplement It is wise to select a product with the appropriate species, quality and quantity identification. To get specific results Including a guarantee that the product It will help you get probiotics alive. Which is a species that has been selected as being strong Able to withstand the harsh environment in the stomach In addition, probiotics must be able to properly adhere to the intestinal wall. Not easily excreted In order for our intestines to contain good quality microorganisms and the probiotic product you choose to use, it must contain inulin. That is a probiotic food So that the good microorganisms in the gut Live, survive and be strong

In addition, abdominal balancing is the starting point for a healthy lifestyle. As it is said, ‘ good health starts in the gut ‘, so choosing a supplement like probiotic Therefore considered to be the beginning to take care of good health Because they are good microorganisms To help create balance for the body And when the body is able to balance it Various behaviors Like eating and excreting Will be automatically modified as well This makes the trend of losing weight very successful as well.