5 ways to fight allergy, simple but effective!

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It’s winter and the weather has begun to change. I believe that anyone who is allergy to suffer for sure. So we have to prepare to protect ourselves a bit. If the weather is good like this, it would be a pity to get sick because of allergies. Let’s see how to protect it.

The easiest thing is We have to know what we are allergy to. and try not to interfere with that. It’s a simple method that works best. But sometimes we can’t avoid it all the time, so there must be other ways along with it.


Exercise is one of the great aids in the fight against allergies. Exercise helps the body’s immune system function normally. Help impaired immunity to come back to be strong. and also makes the body strong Help prevent other diseases as well ufabet https://ufabet999.com.

Eat fruits that are high in vitamin C

Vitamin C helps relieve allergy symptoms. Prevent colds, allergies and help strengthen the immune system. in the body as well Choosing fruits that are high in vitamin C can help strengthen your immune system as well. Fruits that are high in vitamin C are pineapples, strawberries, guavas, oranges, and apples.

get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep will give your body a good immune system. and also helps to wake up bright Full of energy and ready to go to work each day. But if rest is not enough Immunity is reduce, resulting in allergies easily.

clean the house regularly

Dust in the house is one of the reasons that can cause us allergies. Including dust mites that will be mixed with dust in the house as well. Regular cleaning of the house or the area we live in can greatly reduce the risk of allergy. When cleaning, remember to cover your mouth to prevent dust.

Health is the most important thing. Allergy is an important problem that should not be overlooked. Do not let the body become weak until the allergy worsens. Let’s nourish your body with 5 simple methods that anyone can do.