Berardi stuns fans after Coppa exit

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Sassuolo striker Domenico Berardi has kick out. With fans after the team were knock out of the Coppa Italia on Monday night.

         Sassuolo lost to Serie B side Modena 2-3, although the 28-year-old attacker scored in the game from the penalty spot but failed to save the team from defeat.

         After the ufabet game, a clip came out on the Internet of the moment he tried to hit a fan outside the field while many people tried to stop it, but there was a lot of turmoil before. That both sides will be exclude

         Sassuolo will play the opening match of the Italian Serie A soccer match against Juventus on Monday night, August 15.

Serie A star Domenico Berardi has been spot chasing a fan after he angrily confront him following a Coppa Italia fixture.

Berardi played the full 90 minutes of Sassuolo’s clash with Modena – and even a goal from the spot wasn’t enough to send his side through. And Sassuolo fans were quick to let the winger know their disappointment at the side’s performance.

However, one fan overstepped the mark with Berardi – causing the Serie A star to hop the barrier and chase after him. Police chase the star, but he was eventually held back by two more fans. Who brought him back to the barrier.